Alaska Endurance Project

  • Anchorage, AK
Club Bio

The Alaska Endurance Project provides an opportunity for like minded endurance athletes to get together weekly for workouts under the guidance of experienced coaches and athletes. There are two road/track groups, both meeting on Wednesdays, one for the early birds at 6am, the other later in the day at 6pm. New this summer is a trail running group that meets Mondays and Fridays from May through the end of June. Workouts are focused on success in racing longer distances like half to full marathons, but many runners participate and perform well in races as short as the 5k, as well as mountain races. The training is focused around a tempo progression and date race pace. During summers we meet at various locations outdoors usually around West Anchorage with the occasional Kincaid or Hill Side workouts. Winter consists of a lot of track work at the Dome, with some early spring sessions moving outdoors.

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Track
  • Trail
  • Road
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