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  • Burlington, VT
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Have you always liked the *idea* of running but are just too lazy to actually go do it enough to make it a habit? ⭐️Join me in this adventure to go from lazy cuddle cat, to athletic agile superstar! ⭐️ (Or at least be able to jog a mile without curling up on the side of the road crying...!) ➔➔➔Please read the full description to make sure this is the right group for you 🎧 🎶👟Share your “get pumped” playlists, motivational memes and gifs, tips and tricks, favorite apps, etc. (Participation in a 5k is not a requirement for membership in the group, "Cat to 5k" just had a cute ring to it! And wasn't taken already by any other running groups) 🎉Let’s be each other’s best cheerleaders! 🎉 👏 👏👏 Understandably, sometimes life gets in the way, but please try to be an active participant in this group. Even if you take a break from running, drop a like or a comment to support others in their achievements. Groups work best when they are not echo chambers! Excited to have this “team” to keep us all motivated and not be lazy cats! 🐈 > 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃I can't guarantee lifelong friends, but I hope you will meet people that can become just that! Most of all I just want this group to offer support and motivation. 🌎 Group based out of Burlington, VT, but you can live anywhere!

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