Douglas County Rogue Runners

  • Douglasville, GA
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Douglas County Rogue Runners is a running club comprised of all types of runners from casual runners to ultrarunning veterans. Regardless of experience, members of this club love running, welcome people with an interest in running, and seek to join with others who share a passion for our sport. GROUP RUNS: Running with a group offers many beneifts, inlcuding encouragement to never give up or give in, a challenge to push yourself to reach higher goals, the growth of new and lasting friendships, mentoring in the sport, and safety found in numbers. As a group, we participate in a weekly run on Thursday evenings through the streets of downtown Douglasville. And it's always easy to find a crew to grab a few extra miles throughout the week. Just ask! DCRR RACES: As a group we recognize that a huge part of the joy of running is racing! We love to race and we love to put on races, but not just any races - fantastic races! We are proud to put on six annual races for Douglas County that cover the gamut of all ages, abilities, and a variety of distances, from a Tot Trot for the little guys all the way up to a heart-pounding adventure of a 50K. We offer races in all seasons and from early in the morning to one of the largest after-dark 5ks in the Southeast. Whatever your age or ability, we have a race that you will absolutely love! SOCIAL EVENTS: Yes, we love to run together, but we also love to play together. Throughout the year we find any and every excuse to come together with our whole families to eat, go camping, kayaking, zip-lining, travel to out of town races, and eat some more! Part of what makes us such a strong running community is that we are also family. We would love to have you come join us and see what it's all about!

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  • Social
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  • Trail
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