Frontrunners Rhode Island

  • Providence, RI
Club Bio

Frontrunners Rhode Island is a group of diverse, gregarious and health-conscious folks who also happen to be LGBTQ. A United States Chapter of International Frontrunners, we welcome LGBTQ runners and allies from all over the world. That's the whole point of this website: to invite you to join us. Fronties know that everyone moves at their own pace, and there's no pressure to be a fast or experienced runner—only someone who's on the lookout for good health (through endorphin-rich ambulation), good friends and goodwill. On Thursday nights we cover between 3 to 5 Miles (our Frontwalkers walk about 3), meeting at the intersection of Hope Street and Blackstone Boulevard on the east side of Providence. We usually have dinner at a casual restaurant at around 7PM, and great conversation is sure to ensue. If you're new to the area, or just want to get in shape while making some fine new friends, you're welcome to join us. Really.

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  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Trail
  • Road
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