Longview Running Club

  • Longview, TX
Club Bio

The Longview Running Club was started back in 1968 by a group of runners who wanted a monthly run to keep up their fitness levels. In 1968 public runs were few and far between. The Longview Running Club was started as a fun, social running group, but yet still competitive to keep an awards system. Throughout the years running has changed and now public runs are almost held weekly in the community. The Longview Running Club holds to its roots with just ONE club run a month. We genuinely try to hold this run at a club members home but also sometimes we support our local runs as a club run. The Longview Running Club is for all running/jogging/walker enthusiast alike. We encourage individuals, families, youth and seniors to experience the fitness that running can provide by sponsoring races and fun runs for those who desire to compete or enjoy the fellowship of running together. The mission of the LRC is to bring the joy and health advantages of running to everyone regardless of age or ability. If you are looking to get a little faster or to meet other runners in the area...The Longview Running Club is for YOU!!

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Road
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