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  • Austin, TX
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We founded Tough Cookie Fitness to empower women by helping them achieve their fitness goals from walking their first 5K to becoming competitive triathletes, long distance runners and cyclists. Tough Cookie certified coaches provide guidance, know-how and support while our trainees benefit from team interaction, finding motivation and support in each other by pursuing a common goal. Our experienced, friendly and supportive coaching staff is certified by USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, USA Swimming, CrossFit Endurance, RRCA Running, YogaFit, ACE, ACSM, and NASM. Making you fit, healthy and injury free is our number one priority! Our running programs are open to women of all abilities and experience. Women in the program are coached according to their own ability and personal goals. Our women-specific program incorporates yoga for runners and strength training to compliment speed, technique and endurance training and avoid injuries common to the female anatomy. Our trainees benefit from the unique social interaction, support and motivation that our women-only group provides. Whether your goal is to finish your first 5K or set a new Marathon PR, our goal is to get you across the finish line injury-free and with a smile on your face. Feel free to come to any of our sessions to check us out!

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